Payment Methods

Online store customers can pay for their online order by choosing one of the following payment methods:

Credit or Debit Card

The charge of the credit or debit card of the customer of the e-shop is made, after the check and verification of its details and its validity, during the approval and acceptance of the order. The customer is solely responsible for the correct typing and truth of the credit card details and the company bears no responsibility in case of error. Accepted cards are Visa & MasterCard.



To pay for the order via paypal the customer only needs to use his/her email address and password in the paypal account he/she has created. He/she does not need to enter his card details for each payment. The customer needs to add a card to the PayPal account and simply log in with his/her email address and password to make the purchase.

The shipping process starts according to the date and time when the amount of the transaction has appeared in the bank accounts of the COMPANY.