Terms of use

1. General Terms

The website www.katerinavassou.gr (hereinafter referred to as the “katerinavassou e-shop”) is an online store created and operated by the company with the registered legal name “XANTROCOSMOS LIMITED”, which is based in Nicosia, Cyprus, at 32 Spyrou Kyprianou str. and which has a branch in Greece and specifically in the municipality of Nikaia-Agios Ioannis Rentis, Attica, at 7 Xanthou str., tel. 0030-210-5440808, email: [email protected] (hereinafter referred to as the “COMPANY”).

Any reference to the “katerinavassou e-shop” on this website shall refer to the COMPANY which is the seller of the products of “katerinavassou” (hereinafter referred to as the “Products”) the construction and operation of the e-shop, the receipt and execution of the orders, the carrying out and management of sales and the provision of services related to the sale of the Products.

Any reference to the Customer shall refer to the visitor and/or user of the katerinavassou e-shop and/or the buyer of the Products and services of the katerinavassou e-shop.

The use of the katerinavassou e-shop as well as the submission of orders by the Customer presupposes his/her full and unconditional agreement with these terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”), which apply to the entire content and services of the e-shop. Therefore, the Customer must carefully read the Terms of Use before using the katerinavassou e-shop and if he/she does not agree, he/she shall not use its services and content. Further use of the katerinavassou e-shop is tantamount to automatic, explicit and unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use. The Customer is kindly requested to check the content of the Terms of Use for possible changes. Continuing to use it, even after any changes, shall imply the unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use by the Customer.

The personal data of the Customers of the katerinavassou e-shop are processed in accordance with the current legislation and the COMPANY’s Privacy Policy, which is available here:

Customers are encouraged to read the Privacy Policy before using the katerinavassou e-shop.

The COMPANY shall at all times ensure that the operation of the katerinavassou e-shop, including these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, any legislation regarding consumer rights, e-commerce, personal data protection, labor matters, money laundering, health and safety requirements and all other legal provisions related to the operation of the COMPANY and the katerinavassou e-shop .

The COMPANY reserves the right to freely modify or revise the Terms of Use as well as the Privacy Policy whenever it deems necessary, and undertakes to inform Customers of any change, through this website or through updates posted on the katerinavassou e-shop. All contracts entered into with the katerinavassou e-shop are drawn up in Greek and/or English.


2. Intellectual Property Rights and Trademarks

All content of the katerinavassou e-shop, including its registered legal name, website address (URL), trade name, trademarks, logos, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, software, settings etc. are the intellectual property of the COMPANY and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek Law, European Law and international conventions and treaties. In terms of third-party intellectual and industrial property rights (e.g. collaborating websites, members or companies), their protection lies exclusively with the owners thereof.

Any copying, transfer or creation of derivative work based on this content or misleading the public about the real provider of the website is prohibited. Any reproduction, analog or digital recording, republication, uploading, posting, modification, propagation or transmission or any other use of this content in any manner or means for commercial and/or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of the COMPANY or any other copyright owner.

Under the terms and conditions set forth herein as well as in the applicable laws and regulations, the COMPANY grants to the Customer, for the needs of using the katerinavassou e-shop, a non – transferable, personal, limited right of access and use of the e-shop and its contents. Therefore the Customer shall refrain from any action that is intended to modify, reproduce, publicly display or use the e-shop and its data for any public or commercial purpose.

Exceptionally, the individual storage and copying of portions of content on a regular personal computer for strictly personal use is allowed. The lack of commercial exploitation intent is a necessary prerequisite. However, this cannot be interpreted as an indication of willingness to grant intellectual property rights on behalf of the COMPANY.


3. Information & Products Provided

The COMPANY is committed to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the katerinavassou e-shop in terms of the identity of the COMPANY as well as the transactions provided through the e-shop. The COMPANY, in good faith, is not responsible for and is not bound by electronic data entries made by error / mistake in common experience and is entitled to correct them whenever it becomes aware thereof.


4. Responsibility of the visitor/user of the katerinavassou e-shop

4.1 The Customer of the katerinavassou e-shop and its services accepts to use the e-shop in accordance with law and morality. The use of the katerinavassou e-shop and the services provided by the COMPANY must be done solely for lawful purposes and in a manner that does not restrict their use by third parties. Therefore, the Customer shall not commit any acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction of the services or restrict the use of the e-shop by third parties.

Indicatively, the Customer hereby guarantees:

That he/she will not violate any article of the current legislation.

That he/she will refrain from any publication and transmission of libelous, defamatory or offensive information about the COMPANY and third parties. He/she will also refrain from any publication of content that is illegal, threatening, obscene, vulgar, or may constitute a violation of the personality and privacy of a third party, or discriminates on grounds of race, sex, religion, nationality, physical disability, sexual orientation or age.

That he/she will refrain from any action that will violate the name, logo, trademark, patent, trade secret and intellectual and property rights of the COMPANY and third parties.

4.2. Furthermore, the Customer assumes responsibility for any damage caused to the COMPANY by malicious or improper use of the relevant services. If it is found that there is any kind of use included in those mentioned indicatively above, the COMPANY reserves the right to automatically delete the Customer’s account, without notice by proceeding to any action provided for by the applicable law and the relevant provisions and is entitled to claim damages for any damage caused by his/her mismanagement.

4.3. The Customer of the katerinavassou e-shop is also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her account and the access details thereto in order to prevent any malicious use by third parties, and bears responsibility for any damage caused to the COMPANY by failure to comply with this obligation of confidentiality. In the event of any kind of use included in those mentioned indicatively above, the COMPANY reserves the right to automatically delete it without notice by proceeding to any action provided for by the applicable legislation and the relevant provisions.

4.4. The Customer is responsible for any action and work performed under his / her account. He/she must therefore ensure that he/she, as well as any other person authorized by him/her to use the katerinavassou e-shop, complies with these Terms of Use and any applicable provision of national, EU and international law including the rules relating to the reception, storage and transfer of personal data during the use of the services of the katerinavassou e-shop.

4.5. The Customer:

  1. Bears the total responsibility for the accuracy and quality of the data he/she enters in the katerinavassou e-shop.
  2. Has the obligation to prevent any unauthorized access to the katerinavassou e-shop with the data submitted by him/her and inform the COMPANY in any case whenever use without authorization or permission is detected.

4.6. The Customer is fully responsible for any incorrect – during the process of purchasing Products – entry of credit or debit card details as well as for any incorrect entry of data in the PAYPAL system that may damage him/her without any fault of the COMPANY, against which he cannot file any claim for this reason. Similarly, in case of interception of the above payment details, which is not due to COMPANY fault but to a security hole in the Customer’s anti-virus software, the latter shall be totally responsible.

4.7. The Customer bears the responsibility, after his registration in the katerinavassou e-shop and during the process of purchasing products through the katerinavassou e-shop, to correctly enter the personal data requested for the completion of the transaction.


5. Limitation of liability

The COMPANY in the context of its transactions from the katerinavassou e-shop bears no responsibility and does not have any obligation as follows:

5.1. It is not obliged to compensate any damage or loss arising from the cancellation of orders, the non-execution or delay of their execution, if they are due to Customer fault.

5.2. It does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the katerinavassou e-shop as their availability, as it appears in the katerinavassou e-shop, may, for technical reasons, not reflect the actual availability of the products. In this case it shall inform the Customer interested for the respective availability or unavailability, based on the information kept and in the event of a change of this information it undertakes to timely inform the Customers about the unavailability, in which case it bears no further responsibility.

5.3. The katerinavassou e-shop provides content (e.g. information, names, pictures, illustrations), products and services available through the katerinavassou e-shop “as they are”. Under no circumstances shall the COMPANY be civilly or criminally liable for any damage (whether positive, special or repossessive, which indicatively and not restrictively, alternatively and/or cumulatively leads to loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) a Customer of the katerinavassou e-shop, or a third party, may experience for a reason connected with the operation or not and / or the use of the katerinavassou e-shop and / or the inability to provide services and/or products and/or information made available by him/her and/or any non-allowed third party interventions to products and/or services and/or information made available through it. On the contrary, the COMPANY makes every effort to ensure the completeness and validity of the information provided on the katerinavassou e-shop, both in terms of the display of the essential technical characteristics of the products available, and the accuracy of the information regarding the services provided through the katerinavassou e-shop, subject to any technical or typographical or other errors that have occurred unintentionally.

5.4. It is not responsible for any damage caused to any third party and resulting from the violation of the above 4 sub-terms.

5.5. It is not responsible for any violation of the provisions on personal data which is made by the Customer, not due to fault of the COMPANY, as well as the other general terms as described above and below.

5.6. It is not responsible for any incorrect – during the process of purchasing Products through the katerinavassou e-shop – entry of details of the Credit or debit card of the Customer as well as for any incorrect entry of information in the PAYPAL system that may damage the latter without its fault, nor in case of interception of the above payment details that is not due to an error of the software of the platform of the latter.

5.7. It is not responsible for any damage resulting from the incorrect entry of information by the Customer as well as any false declaration or statement on their part.

5.8. It is not responsible for any kind of damage the Customer may suffer by the use of its pages, services and options, which he/she makes on his/her own initiative and with knowledge of these Terms of Use.

5.9. It does not guarantee that the katerinavassou e-shop, its services, options and contents will be provided without interruption or errors. It is solely responsible for the immediate or fastest possible restoration of the operation of the website in any case of technical problem.


6. Orders and Shipping

People aged 18 and older have the right to order. In case of false or altered data, the COMPANY shall bear no responsibility and the Customer will be burdened with the shipping costs of the Product. The order is valid after the required fields are filled in the online order form of the katerinavassou e-shop. For the process to be completed, it is necessary to read and understand these Terms of Use, as well as to accept them. Partial or total cancellation, or even change of the order can be done only after the COMPANY has been notified within forty-eight (48) hours by phone, at the number 0030-210-5440808 or by email at [email protected]. In any other case, the Customer is charged with all the shipping costs from and to the COMPANY, according to the price list of the cooperating courier. In case of an incorrect entry regarding the Product stock, the COMPANY will immediately inform the Customer, in order to cancel or modify his/her order.


7. Price list

The posted prices of the products on the katerinavassou e-shop are determined by the COMPANY and are always in a legible position near each product. Prices are subject to change without notice whenever the COMPANY deems it necessary. The prices include the VAT. By confirming the order, the Customer finalizes that he/she will receive the product at the accepted price even if the price of the product changes in the future. In case of incorrect entry regarding the price of the product, the COMPANY shall immediately inform the Customer who reserves the right to cancel his/her order.


8. Methods of payment

Online store customers can pay for their online order by choosing one of the following payment methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card
    The charge of the credit or debit card of the customer of the e-shop is made, after the check and verification of its details and its validity, during the approval and acceptance of the order. The customer is solely responsible for the correct typing and truth of the credit card details and the company bears no responsibility in case of error. Accepted cards are Visa & MasterCard.
    To pay for the order via paypal the customer only needs to use his/her email address and password in the paypal account he/she has created. He/she does not need to enter his card details for each payment. The customer needs to add a card to the PayPal account and simply log in with his/her email address and password to make the purchase.

The shipping process starts according to the date and time when the amount of the transaction has appeared in the bank accounts of the COMPANY.


9. Shipping and shipping costs

The katerinavassou e-shop accepts orders for product deliveries worldwide.

Delivery of orders through the e-shop is carried out by a transport company cooperating with us and based on the following plan:

  • Within 5 – 10 working days for European countries (including Greece)
  • Within 5 – 15 working days for countries outside Europe

Order delivery method – delivery charges

The Products that have been ordered, are sent to the address and to the recipient that the Customer has stated when he/she placed his/her order. The COMPANY is free to choose the means of shipping. The Products are shipped at the Customer’s expense as follows:

  • Ten (10) euros for European countries
  • Fifteen (15) euros for countries outside Europe

Shipping is free (regardless of country of destination) if the order exceeds the amount of seventy five (75) euros

General terms regarding the shipping of products and services

The COMPANY reserves the right to modify the methods, terms and prices of shipping at will and without prior notice, being however obliged to inform its prospective Customers of these changes by reviewing these Terms of Use.

In case of special conditions and force majeure (strikes, natural disasters, holidays, etc.) the COMPANY does not bear any responsibility for the delay in the delivery of the product.

Responsible for receipt on behalf of the customer

In any case the receipt of the order shall be made by the person mentioned in the order as the recipient by showing his/her identity card or passport or in general a public document suitable for the proof of identity.


10. Transaction security

The COMPANY is committed to ensuring the security and integrity of the data it collects about the users of the katerinavassou e-shop.

The COMPANY has adopted procedures that protect the personal data that users submit to the katerinavassou e-shop or provide them by any other means (e.g. by telephone). These procedures protect user data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and change or destruction. They also help to verify that this information are accurate and used correctly. Your connection to the katerinavassou e-shop is secure because it uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL technology is based on a key code for the encryption of the data before sending it over the (SSL) connection. The security check between the data and the Server is based on the unique key code ensuring full communication. Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers support the SSL protocol and are suggested to be used to connect to the website of the katerinavassou e-shop.


11. Order of Products and Consumer Protection

Orders through the katerinavassou e-shop constitute distance contracts, which are governed by the legal framework of Law no. 2251/1994 (as it is in force today).

The Customer has the right to conclude a valid order through the katerinavassou e-shop, as long as he/she is legally competent in compliance with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code (if he/she has reached the age of eighteen and is not under guardianship regarding the conclusion of a sales contract). Orders can also be placed by legal representatives of legal entities. The COMPANY reserves the right to demand the return, by the supervisor or guardian, of any orders that will be made by legally incompetent persons.

No valid sales contract through the katerinavassou e-shop shall be considered concluded between the Customer and the COMPANY, if the submitted order has not been previously checked and accepted by the latter and no confirmation of the order has been sent to the Customer.


12. Return Policy-Withdrawal

12.1. The Customer is entitled to withdraw, within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt of the Product without stating the reason for withdrawal. He/she then:

  1. shall return the Products without undue delay; and
  2. is charged with the cost of returning the Products.

The Customer may, prior to the exercise of the right of withdrawal, contact the Customer Service Department of the COMPANY either by telephone (tel : 0030-210-5440808 or by electronic messaging (e-mail message sent to the electronic address: [email protected]). The right of withdrawal is exercised by writing a clear declaration or by completing and signing the relevant declaration of withdrawal form (it can be found here ) and sending them:

  1. either at the postal address of the COMPANY (140-142 Mpelogianni str., Nikaia-Agios Ioannis Rentis, Greece, PC 18454 )
  2. or at [email protected]

In order to comply with the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient for the Customer to send the above declaration before the withdrawal deadline.

The COMPANY is obliged to return the amounts paid by the Customer free of charge and without undue delay and definitely within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day on which the Product was returned.

12.1. Product returns due to delivery error

In all cases in which items other than those sold are delivered, by type or quantity or an attribute is missing that has been previously agreed in writing with the COMPANY, the Customer shall return the Products to be checked and to determine the error. In this case, the costs of returning the products to the COMPANY as well as the costs of returning the products to the COMPANY as well as the costs of returning to the customer are borne by the COMPANY if the return method suggested by the COMPANY is satisfied.

12.2. Defective Product Returns (Legal Warranty)

The COMPANY is obliged to deliver to the Customer the Products with the agreed attributes and without actual defects, according to article 5 of Law no. 2251/1994 and art. no. 534 et seq. of the Civil Code.

In case the Product is found to be defective the following apply:

  • The return of the Product to be replaced, should be done together with all the documents that accompanied the product (e.g. shipping invoice, sales receipt, etc.) and its complete packaging. If it is a defect that was found after the delivery and the packaging does not exist, or the packaging of the Product has been omitted from the couriers at the delivery of the item, the package of the product is not required.
  • Return of Products by courier. In cases of return by courier, the COMPANY will be charged with the return costs as well as with the shipping costs of the replaced or repaired Product.
  • After the return of the products, the defect reported by the Customer is checked and then he/she is contacted to be informed about the results of the check.
  • If the defect is found, the Product is repaired or replaced, otherwise the transaction is canceled in case the Product cannot be repaired in a reasonable time and the COMPANY cannot find another Product of corresponding or better characteristics or equivalent value for replacement. In case of cancellation of the transaction, the refund of the initial purchase is made in the same way as the initial payment of the Customer to the COMPANY.
  • In particular, in case of payment with credit card the COMPANY will be obliged to notify the issuing Bank about the cancellation of the transaction and the bank will then proceed to any action provided for under the contract concluded with the Customer without the relevant responsibility of the COMPANY. The COMPANY, following this information, bears no responsibility for the time and manner of execution of the reversal, which is governed by the aforementioned contract. In the case of cash on delivery, if the Customer had chosen the specific option, it will be returned to him/her from any of the COMPANY-owned stores. In case of payment by bank transfer, a reverse bank transfer will be made from the COMPANY’s accounts to the Customer.
  • In the event that the Products are returned damaged or defective the COMPANY has the right to claim compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the Products and to unilaterally and unconditionally make a full or partial set-off of his/her claim vis-à-vis the customer.


13. Safe Products – Terms of Warranty

The Products available from the COMPANY are durable products which have all the necessary certification of safe operation.


14. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction – Out-of-Court Settlement of Disputes

These Terms of Use are governed by and supplemented by Greek Law, European Union Law and the relevant international treaties.

Without prejudice to the provisions of compulsory law, any dispute arising from the application of these Terms of Use will be resolved by the competent courts of Piraeus.

For out-of-court settlements, the Customer may contact the competent bodies for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, namely the General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness (Kaniggos Square, 10181, Athens, www.efpolis.gr, tel .: 1520, fax : 2103843549), the consumer Ombudsman (www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr, 144 Alexandras Av., 114 71 Athens, tel. 210 6460734, fax 210 6460414), the Committees for the Amicable Settlement of consumer disputes (Article 11 of Law no. 2251/1994) based in the local Municipalities around the country.

According to Directive 2013/11/EC, which was incorporated into Greek legislation under Joint Ministerial Decision no. 70330/2015, the option of electronic settlement of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure throughout the European Union is now provided. If there is a dispute in relation to a purchase made by the Customer from the katerinavassou e-shop and he/she is a resident of the European Union, he/she can visit the following website https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show for out-of-court settlement of his/her dispute.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body certified for this purpose is: European Consumer Center of Greece (ECC-GREECE), 144 Alexandras Av., 114 71 Athens, +30 2106460284 +30 2106460784, i[email protected]. The Customer can contact the above body in order to be guided through the process of submitting and processing his complaint.

You can read the Consumer Code of Conduct for E-commerce as published in the Government Gazette 969/22.03.2017 here.

In case you wish to submit a complaint please contact us either by phone at 0030-210-5440808 or by e-mail at [email protected]